Pinnacle Engineering

Elevating spaces with superior quality brass products, redefining excellence in the art of trading.

“We specialize in the trading of high-quality brass products, offering a diverse range that includes precision components, decorative items, and industrial fittings. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive products of superior craftsmanship, meeting the highest standards in design and durability. With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, Kotak Enterprise is your trusted partner in the dynamic market of brass product trading, providing solutions that stand the test of time.”

A1/A2 Type Cable Glands

A1A2 Degree Type A2 Cable Gland

BW 2 Parts Cable Glands

Brass BW 4 Parts

CW Type Cable Glands

E1W Type Cable Glands

Flange Type Cable Glands

Flange Type Cable Glands

Cable Gland Kits

Brass Lock NUT

Brass Male Bush

Brass Earth Tags

Brass Reducer

SPVS Shrouds

Brass Stopping Plug

Earth Rod G

Earth Rod

DC Type

Air Terminal



Cable Lugs And Connectors

Aluminium Bolt

Aluminium Nuts

Aluminium Blocks

Aluminium & Copper Cotter Pin

Aluminium Flanges

Aluminium Rivets

Aluminium Washers

Aluminium Turned Parts

Automobile Set Screws